KMA film production AB was founded in Kungälv (Sweden) by Kjell Andersson in 1996. The company’s founding idea was to combine professional video production as well as education in computing & media. In 1997 education programs were sold to Komvux, Kongahällagymnasiets media program and Nordiska Folkhögskolans journalist program. Courses were held in video- and sound design. During this year KMA also produced reservation films for ÅSS Processventilation and Volvo.

In 1998 the documentary film “The greatness of the small man” was made with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Film i Väst. The docuementary follows director Roy Andersson in work with his film “Songs from the second floow”. The production became very extensive.

During the early years of 2000 KMA film production also produced two well-received films about educationally subnormal people, called The Gang of Four (De Fyras Gäng) and Borderland (Gränslandet), as well as Claws (Jakten på havets svartaguld), about lobster fishing, and Daring to fly (Att våga flyga), a film about fear of flying and flight security.

The company has also produced the well esteemed documentary films about the stone cutting era and knitting success in Bohuslän called “Fragments from a time gone by” and “Bohus Knitting – From Relief work to world sucess”. A majority of these films has been shown on swedish national television and other nordic stations. You can read more about the films under the link productions.

In the spring of 2009 Kjell Andersson attended at the American Swedish Instiutes exhibition Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition, showing his film “Bohus Knitting – From Relief to World Success”. The film is available in NTSC-format through Schoolhousepress for american viewers. If you, however, are interested in the english european version (PAL) of the film, please get in contact directly with us.