Welcome to KMA Film Production

We offer complete solutions in professional video production. We produce documentary films at first, but we also do commissioned work of different kinds. You will find us in central Gothenburg.

We own all neccessary technology and can easily rent extra equipment from our cooperation partners. This means we can keep down our prices and with short notice satisfy special wishes from our customers. Flexibility is our strong side!

All of our productions can be purchased for educational purposes. For pricing data and ordering, please get in contact with us through e-mail or telephone. Most of our films have been translated to english, get in contact for availability.

In addition, we collaborate with the firm AK-Utbildning and tailor-make enterprise education in computing and media.

tv tanterBohus Knitting – From Relief Work To World Success (2007).

A documentary film about Bohus Knitting which occupied over 1700 knitters between 1939 and 1969. More information is found under production.

Christer OhlssonFragments From a Time Gone By (2004/2006).

A documentary film about the stone cutting era in Bohuslän. An era characterized by extreme business cycle changes, two world wars, strikes, lock outs and the thirties depression. More information is found under production.

Roy kameraThe Greatness of the Small Man (2000).

A portrait of the film maker Roy Andersson during the production of “Songs From the Second Floor”. More information is found under production.

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